Here is a collection of TIE news clippings and articles.

NPR - June 2012
Educators Examine Flipped Classrooms

USA Today - Oct 2011
Flipped Classrooms Take Advantage of Technology

Huffington Post - April 2012
Teachers Texting Students. Should Schools Ban or Encourage?

Education News - April 2012
Teachers Texting Students. Should Schools Ban or Encourage?

News Herald - March 2012
District takes first step to incorporate personal technology devices
New York Post - March 2012
Facebook "ed. ban" slap

Education Week - January 2012
U.S. Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via Web

New York Times School Book - November 2011
Cell Phones. Why Not Use Them to Teach?

New York Times - July 2010
On Facebook, Telling Teachers How Much They MeantBy SUSAN FEINSTEINPeople who have been out of school for decades are expressing sentiments they dared not express in their youth.
US News and World Report - October 2011
Teachers Use Cell Phones in the Classroom

ASCD Smartbrief - Sept 2011

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Students share advice with teachers
external image icon_blog.gifStudents want teachers to know that standardized tests do not measure critical thinking, everyone learns in different ways and technology will make classroom lessons more interesting, said student panelists at NBC's Education Nation event. Blogger Lisa Nielsen compiled a list of their tips for teachers, including advice about the importance of connecting with students, positive feedback and community involvement in schools. The Innovative Educator blog (9/28)

Learning and Leading magazine

May 2009 Cover
May 2009 Cover

Is Blogging Worth the Risk?
By Lisa Nielsen Download the full article (PDF)

Village Voice, By Elizabeth Green, published: October 22, 2008
Learning 2.0' Brings Schools into the Digital Age

Tech & Learning Magazine

Here Come Tablets
Here Come Tablets
Eight Free & Easy Ways to Begin Educating Innovatively - February 2009

5 Ways to Differentiate Instruction - Sept 2009

Eight Ways to Use School Wikis - August 2009

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Interview with Lisa Nielsen
February 17, 1009

Office of Catholic Education - Tech Newsletter - Nov 2009

I found an excellent article through Tech & Learning online newsletter that shares eight great ideas on how to use Wikis in your school. The article is titled “Eight Ways to Use School Wikis” and was written by Lisa Nielsen, the Manhattan Technology Innovation Manager for the New York City Department of

The New York Sun

Education Dept. Restrictions On Blogs Rile a Staff Blogger - May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008 ... stipulates that all blog posts contain notes disavowing any connection to the Department of Education, the staffer, Lisa Nielsen, said. ...

Low-Price Laptops Tested at City Schools - September 30, 2008

Sep 30, 2008 ... have access to," an official in the department's office of instructional technology who is working with the project, Lisa Nielsen, said. ...

Despite School Cell Phone Ban, Course Sees Them as Aid - May 16, 2008

May 16, 2008 ... The creator of the class, Lisa Nielsen, who manages professional development at the Department of Education's Office of Instructional ...

T.H.E Journal

Web 2.0 in Instruction: Adding Spice to Math Education


Gotham Schools

A DOE staffer offers a guide to getting past the text-ban

Gotham Schools, October 9, 2009

Education World

Learning While Teaching the First Year - Sept 2002

Gotham Schools Remainders

Remainders: A push for phones in school, not from Gossip Girl

Remainders: A DOE staffer explains why she blogs, despite risks

  • A DOE employee says she blogs in order to make educator voices heard.
Remainders: Did the union’s Grapevine service drop off the map?
Lisa Nielsen offers a rubric for assessing how well schools teach 21st century …
Remainders: Hoping for a full list of high schools before the fair

Lisa Nielsen says you’re not too old for Facebook. Indeed. Please become a fan of …

Remainders: Duncan’s own achievement-gap gap and more

Lisa Nielsen tells a funny story about teaching teachers to use computers...

Kids, cell phones and school, OMG!
Education in the text generation testing patience
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