Support Research-Based Instructional Strategies with Cells

Monday, June 28th
5:30 p.m. Central Time

Denver, Colorado
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Description: Support research-based instructional strategies that you are already using with cell phones. In this session you will gain a wealth of lesson ideas to support the 9 strategies in the classic, "Classroom Instruction that Works" by Marzano, Pickering, & Pollock, all using FREE cell phone technologies. The audience will use cell phone technologies to determine the strategies they're most interested in exploring.

Welcome and Introductions
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It's not if we should use cells, but when...

Overview of Marzano's Research-Based Strategies
  1. Identify Similarities and Differences - Poll Everywhere,
  2. Summarize and Take Notes - Twitter, Google Voice, Notepad, camera
  3. Reinforce Effort and Provide Recognition - Voki, Poll Everywhere, Wiffiti
  4. Homework and Practice - Swaggle and Poll Everywhere
  5. Nonlinguistic Representations - cell phone cameras, Flickr, and video
  6. Cooperative Learning - WeTxt/Notebook/Groups, Google SMS, ChaCha
  7. Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback - Wiffiti and Voki
  8. Generating and Testing Hypothesis -
  9. Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers - Swaggle/WeTxt, Google Voice
Audience poll

Supporting Research-Based Strategy with Cells
Share one thing you have try or might try to support each strategy.
Share your thoughts on Wiffiti!

Discussion of #1 Strategy
Discussion of #2 Strategy
Discussion of #3 Strategy
Questions, comments, reactions.
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