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Currently Reading - March 2008

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose - Book featured on Oprah's first online class. Focuses on letting go of ego-based being to achieve a more meaningful existence.
Freakonomics - Interesting guide to thinking about getting answers to issues such as teacher cheating using out of the box thinking.
A Whole New Mind - Great insight into human evolution and how we must adapt to be ready for an evolved right-brained valued future.

Recently Read

Blink - Explores the power of the mind to make split second decisions, and think without thinking. Finding experts at doing so in particular areas is more meaningful then spending thousands in research. 12/08
Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Interesting book with great advice on how to build a strong team. 10/08
The World is Flat - Great insight into globalization and it's causes written in a clear organized fashion. 8/08
The Tipping Point - Gladwell shows how just a little input is enough to get a big change started, and it can spread quickly. Interesting read for educators trying to reach students and create a change with limited resources. 6/08