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There is an endless number of blogs out there, but who are we kidding? In the age of information deluge we have to do some weeding and select our favorites to follow. Here are my top blogs to follow. What are yours? Please share using the discussion tab.

My Favorite Blogs

1) weblogg-ed: learning with the read/write web

I read this blog because...I can relate to and learn from every single post I've read.

2) Brazen Careerist Blog

I read this blog because...it is in touch with the real world of work and gives a great glimpse into the world for which we are preparing our students. It also is a great example of smart blogging techniques.

3) Clif's Notes on Education Technology and more

I read this blog because...it has instantly useful advice on great tech tools that I can start using today and information on how to use them.

4) Drape's Takes: We live in exciting times! These are my takes on the world of educational technology

I read this blog because...it is clear, well organized and on the cutting edge of smart technologies to enhance education.

5) Steve Hargadon: K-12 educational technology: collaborative web technologies, free and open source software, e-learning, & School 2.0

I read this blog because...Steve Hargadon is a reputable thought leader with sensible, on-target ideas about 21st Century education.

6) The Cool Cat Teacher Blog

I read this blog because...this educator uses more tools and engages in more innovative technology then seems humanly possible and she has a lot to share.

Other Edublogs

Who are your fav blogs?
Not sure what your fav blogs are? Visit Education Blogs, The International Edubloggers Directory, or Edutopia's picks for Edublogs We Love: Ten Top Stops for Internet Interaction for a listing of more blogs then you will ever have time to keep up with. Check it out and share your fav on the discussion tab.

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