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AOL/NCSA Online Safety Study

The 2005 AOL-NCSA Online Safety Study was with 354 adult computer users in 2005. Subjects were questioned on various aspects of online security to assess their understanding and awareness of the issue.

Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use provides research and outreach services to address issues of the safe and responsible use of the Internet.

Crimes Against Children Research Center

The mission of the Crimes against Children Research Center (CCRC) is to combat crimes against children by providing high quality research and statistics to the public, policy makers, law enforcement personnel, and other child welfare practitioners.


Free student curriculum. Empowering students to use the internet safely, responsibly, and effectively.

Family Guide-Internet 08-08.doc

Internet Safety Guide for Families from the New York City Department of Education.

Frontline: Growing Up Online

FRONTLINE takes viewers inside the very public private worlds that kids are creating online, raising important questions about how the Internet is transforming childhood.


GetNetWise is a public service to help ensure that Internet users have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences. The goal is for users to be "one click away" from the resources they need to make informed decisions about internet use.


i-SAFE, a leader in Internet safety education, is endorsed by the U.S. Congress and incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.
Cyber Safety Education Plan.xls

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Net Smartz

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) internet safety website geared toward parents, educators, law enforcement, teens, and kids.

Safe Kids

Advice for child safety on the internet.

Web Safety-Education Links from The Parent Workshop Wiki

Internet Safety Presentations

Online_Safety_McDermott_AOL.ppt - A survival guide for parents and educators from Jim McDermott - NYC DOE OIT.