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Ideas for Using Cell Phones in Education

  1. Student response polling or pop quizzes (no need to invest in additional devices). You can use Polleverywhere or Twitter.
  2. Use sms to find definitions, currency conversion, math equations, translation and more
  3. Use as an internet browser to access endless information
  4. Research
  5. Read news articles and current events
  6. Read books
  7. Download and use education programs such as Google Maps and use as GPS
  8. Use as a digital or video camera to accompany school projects, publishing, etc.
  9. Educate students on appropriate and acceptable social use
  10. Use the voice technology to share engaging lectures or lessons
  11. Podcasting and Radio broadcasting with audio features
  12. Text messaging alert activities (such as students setting up a keyword alert for a global warming project or presidential campaign)
  13. Location blogging, sending content-related pictures/videos/text/voice recordings to a map (such as biology students sending pictures of different insects they find to specific location on a map).
  14. iReporting (local or with larger news agencies such as CNN or even MTV Choose or Lose Campaign).
  15. Live Streaming news reporting.
  16. Students could develope projects in-school for their cell phones such as review ring tones, mobile websites, wallpaper, and videos for cell phones.
  17. Use as a classroom performance system outside of school (such as brainstorming text messages to an Internet screen).
  18. Students could develop local mobile tours of famous museums, monuments...etc (
  19. Use GPS to track their physical exercise (such as a jogging route or biking route)
  20. Use QRcodes for learning activities (