Educate Innovatively with Cell Phones Even in Schools that Ban Them.

Discover how to educate innovatively with cell phones using free and easy tools.



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Nielsen, L. (2009). Five Ways Innovative Educators Can Use Texting As a Professional Tool. The Innovative Educator.
Nielsen, L. (2010). Don't be illTwitterate or aTextual. The Innovative Educator.
Green, E. (2008). Despite School Cell Phone Ban, Course Sees Them as Aid. The New York Sun.

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Using Cells as Instructional Tools


Of the tools participants are most interested in following this format.
  1. Tool overview
  2. Tool demonstration
  3. Think about how this tool may be used to enhance teaching and learning
  4. Share ideas on wall wisher
  5. Select your favorite idea posted by someone else and be ready to explain why it is your favorite.

Top Picks

Tool Review

Classroom Response System

Twitter - Capture Thoughts and Ideas


Google Voice - Capture Oral Assignments and Thoughts

ChaCha - Smart Friend in Your Phone

Google SMS - A Powerful Learning Tool