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Here is where we have captured information for the ELL roundtable at the Tech & Learning 2009 Conference.
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ELL Roundtable Participants
ELL Roundtable Notes
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In this engaging and interactive roundtable participants will learn innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning and have an opportunity to discuss how this could possibly impact the work they do.

Round Table Agenda

  1. Facilitators introduction
    • Ask if anyone has unlimited minutes for Google Voice recordings
    • Ask if someone will take notes
  2. Innovation poll
  3. Facilitator share of innovative ideas
  4. Roundtable discussion about how these tools can enhance ELL teaching and learning
    Note: Participant introduction as they share their feedback
  5. Participants share of innovative methods they've used discussing how these ideas have enhanced teaching/learning
  6. Share the most powerful take away from the roundtable (and let it be captured via the poll)
  7. If there is time...
    • Participants say more about the ideas they or a colleague captured and why it was powerful
  8. Keep the conversation going

Round Table Polls

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Keep the Conversation Going

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