Create and Publish Audiocasts with Voki and Phone Casting

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Directions for Voki: Voki is a terrific way to enable your students to share a message using an animated avatar that talks created using their own voice recorded right from their phone. Students design their avatar’s appearance, add their voice, and can pop it into any web2.0 compatible site (Wikis, Blogs, Facebook, Websites). The avatar moves and speaks based on what you say. Today you will discover how to set up a Voki account to engage in this work and create your own lesson.
Overview/Examples/How to Get Started with Voki: Read Give Students a Voice (and Face) with Voki

Sample Voki

Directions for iPadio: In the busy school day of a teacher many feel their schedules don’t allow for the complexities of the equipment and set up necessary for podcasting. But it needn’t be that way. Even the busiest of teachers can get started quickly and easily with just their cell phone. Using the tools students love is a sure fire way to engage 21st century learners. Phone casting provides the ability to easily create and capture an audio broadcast from your phone that can be published and shared. iPadio is a popular option for recording audio from a phone. When you hang up, Wah La! You’ve created a phone cast that can be broadcast to the world.
Overview/Examples/How to Get Started with iPadio: 10 Ideas for Educating Innovatively with Phone casting (aka Podcasting made easy).

Sample Phone Cast
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Phone casts are converted as voice to text. Wow!

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