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Book Glutton

The Tool / Demo
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Reading is now being released to the readers with Book Glutton, a transformational tool that combines eReading with the social media experience. Readers can comment, chat, and discuss away.

Quotes from New York City Students using Book Glutton with their class.
  • "Reading on a website is much more convenient then having to flip the pages of a book or worrying that you'll lose your page. BookGlutton is a great way to encourage students to read, chat, and share their opinions!"—Ammym
  • “I'm a student and I like the fact that I can come to this website and read books that may not be available to me at school or a library. I think that this is a great site for students who, like me, like to read, this is a great way to encourage students to read. —Allesia

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Social Books Unlock Reader’s Voice and Provide Opportunity for Conversation
Here are some ideas for how teachers can begin using this in the classroom today.
Engage your students inside and outside of class.
Students come to class already engaged in the subject matter by the time they arrive because they have the opportunity to have conversations about books all night or weekend long. This enables in-class conversations to be deeper and richer than they would have been otherwise.
Connecting students to others with the same interests.
While it’s great to be able to find students in a class with similar interests and reading levels, there are often times when you have some students who just don’t fit in with the random sampling in your class. This tool lets educators connect students across classes, across grades, and even across schools.
Take the ePals concept to a whole new level.
While many teachers have connected with partner classes across the globe about topics of interest, this tool enables students to specifically collaborate on books and make a whole new type of connection.
Free Books!!!!
Start with something free. Several of the titles are available at no cost. While the site is in beta and still growing, how many free books do you have for every student in your class today? Find a few good titles and instantly have an entire class set.
Encourage students to start their own book clubs
The club can be as open or private as you and the student agree to. Here’s a sample from one GluttonBooks Club: I love to read and I'd love it even more if others wanted to read with me. I like mostly Fantasy/SciFi/Paranormal stuff. Mostly Young Adult. I also really like Christian books... So this will be the type of books we will read in the club! I have like 200 books to choose we shouldn't ever get bored!!
Have students publish their own books!
Book Glutton allows members to upload and their own books enabling students to become authors with published pieces with which others can read and interact.
Connect with Authors
Have a favorite author? Ask them to join a group formed about their book. Think it’s far-fetched? Think again. I’ve talked with many book authors who lament the fact that books don’t provide the opportunity to engage with their readers the way other mediums do. My guess is that if there book is published in this format, they may consider it. I’m going to approach a book author and request we publish a chapter of his book privately for teachers I work with to have a conversation about it in this format. Book members will have also purchased a hardcopy of the book since it was not created for this format.

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