Alexis's Praying Mantis Story

During my yearly visit home to my parents, I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis. With an ominous red net, specimen container, and various other entomological devices on hand, this precocious, third-grade insect aficionado was bursting with stories about her buggie adventures. I told Alexis she could call my Google Voice account to capture her stories. We spent time recording and listening to her recounts of her bug's life stories. I told her I would take a story and convert her story into an an avatar as well as translate her story into a few other languages. Alexis also happens to attend a multilingual school where they spend half the day with English instruction and the other half the day in alternate languages. While she far surpasses me in her natural ability to speak languages other than English, with a little help of some innovative tools, I was able to convert her story into a few other languages, so, without further adieu, her is the Lovely Lexy sharing what she discovered happens when she feeds her Praying Mantis's.

The Original Alexis

Spanish Alexis

Italian Alexis

French Alexis

Japanese Alexis